The success of Hyundai for being acclaimed as one of the top car manufacturers in the automotive industry can be greatly accounted for the intensive effort of the people behind it, particularly the Research and Development unit for striving to maximize customer satisfaction. By means of thorough market analysis and examination of consumer needs, Hyundai has been finally able to develop superb quality vehicles that are more convenient and safer.

Your Hyundai vehicle is composed of a number of systems that work together for its smooth operation. One of these is the suspension and steering system, which is responsible for the comfort level and safety of your vehicle while driving. In the same manner, the steering and suspension system are also composed of sub parts that function uniquely from each other, of which the Hyundai CV joint is included. The Hyundai CV joint or constant velocity joint can be found attached to each end of a drive shaft of most front-wheel drive vehicles. This auto component is composed of four parts: a rubber boot; inner ball; bearings; and outer section. The primary function of your Hyundai CV joint is to accommodate the up and down motions of the suspension system and to transfer torque to your wheels at a constant speed.

Usually, your Hyundai CV joints are trouble-free and reliable. However, they wear out eventually due to constant use. Wear and partial seizures are two of the main failures of a CV joint due to normal wear, ticks, ice and rocks. A rhythmic cracking or clicking noise indicates a worn out CV joint. They can be easily noticed when you are lifting off the throttle or applying power on your engine. On the other hand, a strange "pattering" sound through the suspension is an indication of a partial seizure. This is mainly caused by an overheating joint. Inspecting your CV joints during oil change prevents these things from happening prematurely.

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