One important component that can be found in various vehicles is the constant velocity joint or CV joint. It is typically attached in every end of a drive shaft. Constant velocity joint is divided into two parts — the inner and the outer. The inner CV joint is the one responsible in controlling the up and down movement of the suspension and the ride height. Meanwhile, the outer CV joint is intended to provide flexibility to the transaxle so that it will be possible to transfer the torque at a constant speed to steered wheels.

Basically, you can find CV joint in all front wheel drive vehicles. But many rear- and four wheel drive cars and trucks are also provided with CV joint. This is usually filled with grease and protected by a rubber or plastic boot. Compared to other vehicle parts, CV joint doesn't require maintenance. It can last for a long time provided that the protective boot is still in best shape and condition. However, the moment the protective boot of the CV joint gets damage, replacing it immediately is very necessary. This is one way to keep off the water, pebbles, and other road dirt from entering into the CV joint which in turn causes defects on the said device.

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