Constant Velocity (CV) Joint is attached to the end of a drive shaft. This is an important system component for the transportation of torque to the steered wheels at constant speed. It is responsible in handling the tough up and down motions of the suspension. Your Geo CV joint is placed in most front-wheel drive cars. The Rear- and four-wheel drive vehicles usually employ CV joints. Every CV joint is packed with grease and protected with rubber or plastic boot.

One of the most important goal of the CV joint lies on the link between the stub shaft, the wheel hub, and bearing assembly. The older front-wheel-drive vehicles are used to have unequal length shafts, so that driving characteristic known as "torque steer" is attained. A torque steer shows when there is pulling to one side while accelerating. Modern vehicles employ equal length shafts on both sides to neutralize the torque steer effects.

Luckily, CV joint maintenance is not a tough requirement since it is said to deliver remarkable durability as long as the protective boot is not damaged. CV joints have two common types: the tripod-type and the ball-type. The ball-type CV joints are often applied in the outer side of the drive shaft. On the other hand, the tripod-type CV joints are typically for the inner side. As claimed, CV joints are damaged when there is a failure with the protective boot. This is when the grease sneaks out and the moisture and dirt come in. These occurrences will lead to CV joint breakdown that is further caused by corrosion and lack of lubrication.

When the protective boot has failed, you can detect its early stage of defect. So as soon as you realized it, the CV joint boot must be replaced and repacked with fresh grease. It will be stupid to continue driving while having a broken boot, since the CV joint or the whole drive shaft will be further damaged. If you do so, other components will be damaged too and will need to be replaced. The defective CV joint would disjoin and make the vehicle stop running. A clicking or popping noise when turning would require you to check the CV Joint immediately.

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