What the Dodge CV joint does is to allow the rotating shaft under your vehicle to transmit power through a variable angle, at a constant rotational speed, and without an increase in friction or play. Being one of the more important parts of your Dodge suspension system, the quality, reliability, and the performance of every CV joint will definitely affect your ride quality. So whatever kind of problem this part may encounter, expect that this will be translated into a problem of the suspension system, thus affecting control and handling. Technically, CV joints are mainly used in most front wheel and all wheel drive automobiles.

The Dodge CV joint is the indispensable part that is needed to effectively transfer torque at a constant speed to steer the wheels and to accommodate the up and down motion of your vehicle's suspension. This part is usually packed with grease and each is protected by a rubber or a plastic boot. The CV joints do not require any regular maintenance because every CV joint is expected to deliver the necessary performance at a long time, provided that the protective boot that covers each will not get damaged. In extreme cases when the boots get damaged for one reason or another, you should not worry that much since these are widely available in the market and can easily be refitted into your Dodge CV joints.

Also take note that once the CV boots get broken, one more approach that you can undertake to address this problem is to simply repack the CV joints with fresh grease, and this may fix the problem if the joints are not yet damaged. On the other hand, if you try to ignore the damaged boots and continue driving with them torn or broken, the CV joints or the whole driveshaft of your auto will fail and will need to be replaced. In extreme cases, your stock joints will disjoin and may cause your vehicle to stop running. Now you do not want to experience this, especially during rush hour, do you? This is the reason why the moment the boots protecting the joints get damaged, have the said parts replaced and immediately change the grease.

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