Internal auto parts are typically more vital than the parts seen in the exterior of your vehicle. This fact can be observed between the exterior auto body and the internal engine compartment. This is very much the same when it comes to the components of your vehicle that deal with driving control. The more important constant velocity joint is concealed within the constant velocity boot. In your Chrysler model, a Chrysler CV joint is also at work for your auto to attain peak performance.

The Chrysler CV joint is the part of the drive shaft that allows the up and down movement of your vehicle. It also functions to transfer torque in a constant speed to the wheels as they are steered. This twofold function of the Chrysler CV joint in attaining the optimum controllability of your vehicle makes it very important. CV joints are usually made from durable and steel-strength materials which ensure that they will last the life of your auto. However, the harsh environment of the road makes them susceptible to the negative effects of wear as they age, especially when the boots that conceal them gets damaged.

Chrysler CV joints have two parts, the inner and the outer parts. Relatively, the CV joints are classified into two, the tripod type and the ball type joints. The inner parts of the CV joints use the tripod type while the outer use the ball type. These CV joints are protected with a pack of grease that is locked up within the CV boots. The CV boots protect the entireness of the CV joints against hazardous road elements which will imperil their structure.

When the CV boots are damaged, immediately replace them and replenish the grease pack so that the lubrication will rejuvenate and maintain the structure of the joints. Driving with damaged CV boots will expose the grease pack to unwanted road elements and the hazards of the environment. When this happens, the CV joints will bear nicks and chips that may result to bigger cracks and will then displace the joints. You will know that your CV joints are broken when you hear audible clicking sounds each time you make a turn.

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