Chevrolet vehicles are known to embody beauty that equals high performance. This performance does not only cover the powerful thrust, acceleration, and torque of your vehicle but also includes its optimum controllability and drivability. This other side of performance that is incorporated in your Chevrolet model is handled by equivalent components. These parts are found in the drive train of your vehicle. Some are very imminent, although more vital parts are concealed just like the way that your engine bay is concealed by the auto body. One of these is the Chevrolet CV joint.

Chevrolet CV joints or constant velocity joints work to transfer torque to steered wheels at constant speed. Front wheel driven automobiles have four CV joints in the front drive shaft. These joints are classified into two parts, the inner parts and the outer parts. The inner parts usually employ the tripod type of CV joint while the outer parts use the ball type joint. These are all attached at the ends of your auto's front drive shaft.

CV joints are highly reliable and do not need maintenance at all. They are protected by the CV boots and these are the only maintenance that they need. They must always be concealed and never exposed to the hazardous road elements that may imperil their structure and compromise their function. These joints are packed with grease to lubricate the moving metal parts. The grease must be kept intact with the joints and must not be contaminated because road elements and debris will cause chips and nicks to the structure of the joints and will damage them.

When this happens, the CV joints will make loud clicking sounds everytime you make turns. This clicking sound is the effect of the displacement of the joints. When you direct your vehicle to make a turn, the joints displace a bit further and bang with the other metal parts of your auto or the wheels. Because of this, the controllability and drivability of your vehicle will be greatly affected.

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