Ever wonder what is that boot-like thing under your Cadillac, almost pinning its wheels? It is the CV boot of your vehicle. It is mounted to protect a more vital part within it to keep your auto attain its peak performance. This internal part must be protected against unwanted elements while letting it move freely at a rotating motion. That is why all CV boots are designed to have sagging effects. This highly important vital part that is protected by the boots is your Cadillac CV joint or constant velocity joint.

The Cadillac CV joint is important for the controllability and drivability of your vehicle. This is so because it serves two purposes, to transfer torque at a constant speed to steered wheels and to accommodate the up and down motion of your vehicle's suspension system. In front wheel driven automobiles, there are four CV joints attached to the ends of the drive shaft. They are of two parts, the inner and the outer joints. The inner parts utilize tripod type CV joints while the outer use ball type CV joints.

All types of CV joints do not require much maintenance unlike the other auto parts. All that they need is total protection by the boots. When the boots are damaged, they must be immediately replaced. The joints are lubricated with grease which must also be replenished. Doing so will keep unwanted damages out of the joints and the rest of the drive shaft. Driving with worn-out CV boots will cause the grease to leak and expose the joints to the elements which may damage them. Physical irregularities like cracks and corrosion will displace them and the ends of the driveshaft.

Therefore, maintenance must be properly administered to these vital components, from the CV boots to your more vital internal parts which are the Cadillac CV joints. Cadillac vehicles are equipped with highly durable CV joints which are supposed to last a lifetime, though an intervention from you will also help. Anyway, you can always find aftermarket replacements anytime at Parts Train when damages to these parts become very imminent and cannot be solved by repairs and restoration activities.

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