If you are looking for good looks coupled with a high performance level, then you made a good decision in getting a BMW. BMW is a major automaker that takes pride in the beauty that its models embody. Aside from that, you cannot question the great performance that it is gifted with. Controllability and drivability are also an edge when it comes to BMW. One of the parts that can be credited with this is the BMW constant velocity joint or the BMW CV joint.

The BMW CV joint is the concealed part at the end of the drive shaft. It is packed with grease as its lubrication and is usually needless of maintenance. CV joints are protected with CV boots. Examples of these can be seen by peeking under your vehicle's inner wheel area. The black rubber-made and retractable enclosure at the end of the drive shaft is the CV boot. If you take it off, the CV joint will be exposed as well as the grease pack. This joint is only the outer part of the entire BMW CV joint.

The other part of the CV joint is attached at the end of the driveshaft and makes contact with the transmission. If you own a front wheel drive auto, the CV joints are found at the front driveshaft. There are two pairs of CV joints, two inner and two outer. The inner uses the tripod type of joints while the outer employs the ball type joints. They are mounted for torque transfer to the steered wheels. Their flexible structure also accommodates the up and down motion of your vehicle's suspension system.

Although BMW CV joints are needless of protection, damage in the CV boots will expose the joints and cause damage in them. This is because a leak in the CV boots will spill the grease out and allow the entry of dirt particles in the joints. The unwanted elements and the absence of lubrication will both damage the joints. When this happens, the joints will wear out and fail. To prevent this occurrence, immediately replace your damaged CV boots and refill the entire grease pack with the needed amount for refill. This will then protect the CV joints.

However, when the CV joints already bear damages and irregularities, you need to replace them at once or this might risk the entire drive shaft. You can get an exact replacement for your vehicle at Parts Train. Here, BMW CV joints come in a selection where you are sure to find one for your elegant vehicle. Parts Train also offers other auto parts and accessories for the rest of the auto makes and models out there. For more information and details, contact us toll-free and get assistance from our reliable customer service representatives.