When it comes to powering your Audi wheels to move, one of the more indispensable parts that plays a role in this set-up is your Audi CV joint that is usually located at both ends of the drive axles. The constant velocity joints, more popularly known as the CV joints, are those devices that allow a rotating shaft to transmit power through a variable angle and at a constant rotational speed without increase in friction. These joints are usually employed in front wheel drive and all wheel drive automobiles. If you have an Audi Quattros, your auto uses CV joints in all the four half axles and in the front-to-rear driveshaft or propeller shaft, having a total of ten CV joints in your vehicle.

Because of its construction and design, the CV joint is generally very strong and may sometimes be over-specified for any given application. Maintenance of your Audi CV joint is usually limited to checking if the rubber gaiter or the weather and dust boot is secured and has not split up. If the gaiter is damaged, the molybdenum disulfide grease that is packed with the joint will be thrown out. The joint will then pick up dirt, water, and other foreign matters that will make it overheat and wear. The grease can also contaminate the brakes. Added to this, there is a possibility for the CV joints to disjoin, causing your Audi to stop along the way. Other failures can be attributed to wear and partial seizures.

Wearing in the outer CV joint typically exhibits the same vibration as that exhibited by vehicles with an unbalanced wheel. If you hear a rhythmic clunking or cracking noise, chances are you have a worn-out CV joint in your Audi. Partial seizures, on the other hand, bring out a strange pattering sound. This is usually caused by the overheating of the joints, which is in turn a usual result when the CV gaiter or boot gets torn.

If you can anticipate the problem of the gaiter and can immediately take note of some of the warning signs of a failing CV joint, you can clean the joint carefully, repack it with grease, and have the gaiter replaced. There are kits that will help you do the job easily. These kits typically include the grease, gaiter, and the retaining clips. We at Parts Train have them here, and we also carry accessories and more. Solving your CV joints problems is easy with our online site. Convenience and product quality and reliability are what we offer here. Take a tour at Parts Train and select your own Audi CV joint and other auto parts and accessories such as the gaiters or the weather boots.