You may be wondering what drives the wheels of your Acura once you ignite its engine and is about to steer your way into the road. Among front wheel drive vehicles, the parts that take major responsibility for this action are the drive wheel axles which effectively transfer the power coming from the transmission, then throw this power into the wheels in order to force them to move. These drive axles have CV joints which are working with them. The CV joint is found at each end of the drive axle and is protected by a rubber boot whose primary purpose is to keep the contaminants away and keep the lubricants in. The CV joint mechanism is the one that allowed for the successful front wheel drive design that was patented in the late 1920s. From then on, it has become a significant part of every vehicle, particularly among front wheel drives.

Central to your Acura CV joint is the cage with slotted openings that constrain the six balls within the confines of the inner race. The overall shape of the race, the cage, and the housing will eventually allow the tilting and the rotation of the inner race and the cage to accommodate the steering motion and the rotation of the wheel hubs, to which the housing is attached.

Possible cracks and tears in the CV boots are the issues and problems that typically confront all CV joints. Added to that is the usual case among performance parts, which is daily wear and tear. The signs of worn and damaged CV joints to look out for will include lubricant leaks, clicking sounds when turning, clunks during acceleration or deceleration, and front end vibrations. If you ever experience any of these symptoms, have the CV joint inspected. This may require some special tools and a considerable amount of time and effort. And since the drive axles must be removed in order to check and repair the CV joints, replacing the whole assembly typically proves to be a much better idea.

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