Car CV Joints

As you drive, different automotive components are subjected to daily wear and tear, which is why you need to perform routine checks for proper part maintenance. Although each constant velocity joint on your vehicle is crafted to last, it will eventually succumb to damage, making your driveshaft unable to perform power transmission efficiently and properly. When this happens, installing a fresh CV joint is your best bet to restore proper driveshaft operation.

The main function of CV joints is to transfer the torque at a uniform speed to the wheels even at variable angles while eliminating any increases in play or friction. Found in all front-wheel drives, it is attached to both drive shaft ends packed with grease and protectively covered by the rubber or plastic material called the CV joint boot. If you keep the joint fully functional, it will allow your vehicle to follow your driving style while providing excellent engine response and improved handling.

The secret to extending the service life of your car CV joint lies in packing it with enough grease to effectively flush away contaminants and keeping the boot in top condition to ensure that no new contaminants will enter the mechanism and damage the components covered by the boot. Wear in the outer joint is noticeable with increased vibrations at certain speeds. Similar vibrations will be noticeable when you have unbalanced wheel. Strange pattering sensations through the suspension is also among the telltale signs of having partial seizure on CV joints. This is usually caused by the joint overheating, which results in the splitting of the outer joint gaiter that also throws out grease.

Opting for immediate replacement for worn boots is essential to keep your car CV joint rust-free and set for miles and miles of reliable service. All you need to do is to find a compatible joint replacement off the market. You can always consult your vehicle's manual to check for the specs and part number of the joint that will fit your ride. Don't worry about installation because there are direct-fit options out there that will make replacing the failed joint a cinch. Plus, you are practically assured of excellent service because most of the options on the market are made to provide fit and function that equals stock components. They even have warranty coverage to help protect you against product defects and substandard quality.

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