Car CV Axle Assembly

A vehicle's axles are shafts fixed at the center of the wheels through bushings or bearings, allowing the wheels to spin around the axle. Four-wheel, front-wheel, and some rear-wheel drive vehicles equipped with independent suspension have axles made up of two constant velocity (CV) joints. This type of setup, called the CV axle assembly, effectively delivers flexible power to the wheels as it works with the suspension to minimize impact from road irregularities.

This type of axle assembly employs two CV joints and one or two sets of splines. Each joint is comprised of bearings in a cage that allows rotation and power delivery on all angles. This flexibility also allows the axle to change length all throughout the up-and-down motions of the vehicle as it runs through rough terrains. One of the CV axle's sides receives power from the engine and delivers it to the nearest wheel. The continuous spinning of the car CV axle assembly is made possible in part by a protective layer of lubricant or a grease pack. For this, it's covered with a boot to prevent the grease pack from leaking and to keep unwanted elements from polluting and damaging the internal structure of the assembly.

With its functions and the extreme conditions CV axle assemblies are usually exposed to, they will eventually wear out. Once the protective boot gets cracked or nicked, moisture and dirt will seep in and the grease will leak out. Try to replace the boot immediately to prevent any damage to the joint itself. The joint will only need to be repacked and rebooted initially. But when you hear some clicking from this component, especially when turning or accelerating, and when there's a clunking sound during deceleration, the entire assembly needs to be replaced.

Don't lose hope-a replacement car CV axle assembly is within reach. You can easily get hold of individual replacement assemblies to get your ride's transmission back in full working condition. These are OE-style parts that will provide the same function, form, and fit as your ride's stock axle assembly. You can choose from new and remanufactured options to suit your needs as well as your budget. Most replacement assemblies also come with limited warranties from their respective manufacturers.

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