With the holidays on the horizon, it's time to treat yourself to some brand new Chevrolet K20 bumper trim. Your bumper is actually the first line of defense of your four-wheeler and is vulnerable to some relatively harsh conditions.Safe-keeping your bumpers keeps your hot-rod looking good and is a terrific decision for drivers who might want to sell their rides sometime in the future.

Your vehicle has bumpers on both its front and rear ends that help safe-guard your vehicle and its occupants in the occurrence of a collision. Your Chevrolet K20 bumper trim is a pretty simple yet very effective bumper add-on that helps decrease bumper damage. Flexible and sturdy, bumper trimming is produced to attach itself solidly to your ride's body while withstanding heat and crazy weather precipitation. Thanks to some tough-as-nails trims placed along your front or rear end bumpers, you won't even have to about about parking lot nicks or scratches from here on end.

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