The thousands of low-speed vehicle collisions are inevitable particularly on crowded traffic. It is for this reason why automobile manufacturers, like Honda have designed their vehicles with all the safety features such as seat belts, air bags, anti-lock brakes, bumpers and a lot more. But most of Honda owners and enthusiasts alike would crave for more when it comes to performance and style. So Honda vehicle owners such as those who have CR-V in their garages turn to aftermarket products that are ideal for functional and aesthetics modifications.

These vehicle modification auto products may include the exterior accessories such as body kits, spoilers, fender mouldings, fender trims, bumper trims, hubcaps and bumper retainers. The interior accessories on the other hand may include the floor mats, cargo liners, seat covers and steering wheels covers. In deciding which of these products to employ into your CR-V, one must pick those that would bring the most important benefits

Considering the front and rear bumpers as the auto parts that play crucial role with safeguarding the occupants and the performance parts from the damages brought by collisions, bumper accessories should be included in your list. During a low-speed collision for instance, the vibrations from humps and bumps will eventually loosen up the bolt-on connection of the bumper to the Honda CR-V's frame. Further, the bumper assembly can readily be crumpled and folded into the engine compartment which can create further damages. Thus, additional strength with both bumpers is essential.

Honda CR-V bumper retainer is a durable and heavy duty support that can keep the bumper assembly in place. In this way, the engine is effectively protected even during the case of collisions. This long bracket mounted at the upper and lower edge of Honda CR-V bumper serves a dual purpose; to enhance the look of the ordinary bumpers while aiding the bumper serves its main purpose, which is to help absorb some of the impact during low-speed collisions. Honda CR-V bumper retainer can maintain a safe distance between the CR-V and the other vehicles it passes along with. It therefore prevents surface contact so that the damage will not reach the vital parts. Since the CR-V bumper retainer is installed right at the front bumper assembly, it plays a much bigger role in protecting all engine components under the hood.

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