Not everyone understands that it is actually the bumper reinforcement, and not just the bumper itself, that carries out the task of defending your vehicle against the damaging force of minor vehicle collisions' In spite of being smacked by another vehicle in times of minor frontal collisions, the bumper won’t drop off or break into pieces if it is held up by an efficient Ford Explorer Sport Trac bumper reinforcement'

With high-quality bumper reinforcement in place, impact from minor collisions is absorbed much better so only a small amount of it goes into the vehicle’s compartment, thus making you and your passengers safe' Also known as bumper bar, the bumper reinforcement on your Ford Explorer Sport Trac comes with a beam that is installed behind the bumper and connected to the vehicle’s structure; such bar delivers unparalleled durability and won’t wear out prematurely because it is made from high quality materials such as lightweight aluminum and steel' Offered in direct-fit structure, you can be sure that Ford Explorer Sport Trac bumper reinforcements are easy to install since they don’t need cutting and alterations just to work properly in your automobile' It's smart to be at all times prepared, so even if you’re a caring driver, have your Ford Explorer Sport Trac equipped with a strong bumper reinforcement to save yourself from the hassles brought by bumper replacement'

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