Even though the task of protecting your car or truck from major blow in case of collisions could be associated with the bumper, it is actually the bumper reinforcement that performs this role' In spite of being hit by another vehicle at the time of minor frontal collisions, the bumper won’t detach or go into pieces if it's held up by a reliable Ford Escape bumper reinforcement'

With high-quality bumper reinforcement set up, impact from low-speed accidents is absorbed much better so very modest amount of it gets into the vehicle’s compartment, thus keeping both you and your passengers safe' Also dubbed as bumper bar, the bumper reinforcement on your Ford Escape includes a beam which is installed at the back of the bumper and linked to the vehicle’s framework; such shaft offers unparalleled durability and won’t wear out too rapidly because it is created from top quality materials like lightweight aluminum and steel' Offered in direct-fit style, you can be sure that Ford Escape bumper reinforcements are way too easy to install because they don’t require dicing and modifications just to fit nicely in your vehicle' Never hold back until you encounter a road accident and you found your bumper shattered and yourself injured; if ever your Ford Escape is not yet fitted with a bumper reinforcement, now is the time to acquire one'

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