Car Bumper Mouldings

Athletes in sports are more prone to getting their teeth knocked off in certain collisions. Well, boxing is made to have all their teeth knocked off. But with the help of a mouth piece, a protective rubber fitting that protects your teeth from kicking each other, your teeth get another chance at life to fight another day. For your car, that's basically what the bumper moulding is for, given the fate of your bumpers being the first line of defense. They need a cushion and a protective layer as well.

Bumper mouldings are flexible PVC or rubber fittings that wrap the corners of your bumpers to prevent them from cracking when even a slight force is pressed on them. Without them, a simple parking mistake might lead to cracked or nipped bumper edges that will appear ugly no matter how hard you try to conceal them. That will be expensive however you look at it, so installing a new set of bumper moulding every time you find your stock chipping away to nothingness is definitely a great idea.

Installing a new set of car bumper moulding isn't hard, especially if you have a brand new bumper to install as well. However, if you think that your stock bumpers will do for the moment, start by stripping your car of them first. Most bumpers are screwed or bolted from inside the trunk or the hood. To access them, just pop them up and start digging for those bolts. When the bumper is free, start scraping off the old moulding residue. You can now proceed by laying the new moulding on the edge of the bumper and mount it back on the car.

Once that's done, your car now has a new protective layer to keep your bumpers healthy despite you driving a little callously. That also seals off the gaps in between the bumper and the rest of your car, making the insides safe from corrosion due to the rain. Other than that, you might find your car now looks better, with a lining of high quality bumper moulding that matches well with your bumpers. With that, your car is given the edge it needs to drive around the city with its head held high. This way, the moulding isn't just a bulgy mouth piece, but stylish teeth stickers similar to those that got their high in the 90's.

Since there are a lot of reasons why you should replace a worn-out bumper moulding and since replacing it really won't take months of training like that of most sports, you really have no reason but to pick up the tools and start working on the replacement. If you don't know which specific mold fits your car, Parts Train can help you find the right part for your car. Just browse our catalog and you'll find a large collection of auto parts and accessories for every car ever made.