Bumpers generally take in the first impact of a vehicle crash; this part shields the front and rear parts from severe impacts and also reduces the chance of accidents, but because it is the car or truck's main defense, it's also incredibly susceptible to damage, and that is why you need a Ford bumper guard to protect this component. Normally, a bumper guard is made of strong metal, such as stainless steel, to resist even the heaviest blows on the bumper's surface; this component normally comes with a set of bolts for faster set up but it might also come with heavy-duty straps.

For maximum defense, a bumper guard should be mounted on the rear end too and not only on the front part. You can get small chafes on the bumper when another vehicle smashes with your Ford , and this could happen on a regular basis, so there's a big possibility the bumper's appearance would be jeopardized over time if it is not equipped with a bumper guard.

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