Bumpers typically absorb the first shock of a vehicle crash; this component protects the front and rear components from severe impacts and also reduces potential risk of injuries, however, since it is the automobile's primary protection, it's also extremely prone to damage, and that's why you need a Daewoo bumper guard to protect this component. Minor bumper-to-bumper collisions are very common; a bumper guard is the bumper's protection to ensure the surface doesn't wind up with a lot of dings or scratches.

For optimum protection, a bumper guard should be set up on the rear end as well and not just on the front part. You could get minor chafes on the bumper when another automobile collides with your Daewoo , and this could happen on a regular basis, so there's a large probability the bumper's appearance would be compromised over time if it is not equipped with a bumper guard.

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