There are two bumpers in your vehicle, the front and the rear bumper. Although these bumpers are not designed as a safety standards or feature like your brake system and the air bags, they function as one. It is the task of the bumpers to absorb any kind of impact on a collision which then would reduce the damage that will be created by that impact. It helps lessen the damage to more expensive and by far larger auto parts such as the hood, trunk, lights, grille and some auto parts inside the engine compartment. The bumper is not alone in doing this task; there are other components that help the bumper in fulfilling its function like the bumper absorber, reinforcement and the bumper bracket.

The Kia Sorento Bumper Bracket is a metal piece responsible for fastening the bumper to the bumper reinforcement or car frame. There are different kinds of brackets so it is important to make sure that you know what you actually need and the function of the different brackets. There are different types of bumper bracket that comprises the entire bumper bracket assembly. These are the bracket reinforcement, bracket stay, bracket support, bracket mounting, bracket arm or the bracket stay side among others. The bracket reinforcement holds the bumper reinforcement to the frame of the car. The bumper stay holds the bumper ends. The bracket support mounts other bracket types. The bracket mounting is rectangular in shape while the bracket arm or the bracket stay side is shaped like the human arm and holds the bumper in most cars.

These are very small components of the whole bumper assembly but they play a very crucial role and that is to make sure that the bumper and its other components are firmly attached to the car frame and will stay in place for it to absorb the full force of the collisions. Although very small, the conditions of these small parts greatly affect how the larger parts stay firmly in place to do its function without any problems.

If by any chance one of these brackets gets damaged and fails, then you might find one of the bumper parts getting unfastened and you will be dragging it with you. When you replace your bumpers, you should also check your brackets because your bumper will not be able to give you the best protection no matter how new and tough it is if it is not attached well due to failing brackets. You can get superior quality Kia Sorento Bumper Bracket from Parts Train.