As it is the primary part that clashes with another component during rear or frontal crashes, your bumper should be strengthened utilizing a bumper absorber. Although it isn't listed as the vehicle's standard safety parts, your Mini bumper absorber adds up much to the vehicle occupants' safety during low-speed road accidents.

The bumper absorber provides cushion between your bumper and the vehicle body and as its part name implies, this part aids in absorbing the effect received by the bumper before it is able to bring about any form of damage to your automobile's framework. Since it does a difficult task, the bumper absorber in your Mini is only able to take on the impact caused by collisions once or twice, subsequently, you should find a replacement for it. For do-it-yourselfers, a unit that suits the shape and specifications of your vehicle will help make installation so easy, but if you are involved in racing or the kind of person who prioritizes safety, you may opt for a performance bumper absorber.

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