Since it is the very first component that hits another component at the time of frontal or rear collisions, the bumper needs to be reinforced using a bumper absorber. Although it is not listed as your ride's standard safety components, the Acura bumper absorber adds up a lot to your safety in the course of minor road mishaps.

Your bumper absorber serves as a cushion between your bumper and your framework and also as its name suggests, it aids in absorbing the shock attained by the bumper before it will bring forth any kind of damage to your automobile's body. Because of its tough job, the bumper absorber in your Acura could only take on the impact caused by accidents maybe once or twice, after that, you should get a replacement for it. D-I-Yers out there, one that matches the dimensions and specs of your ride might help make product set up so easy, but if you are racing or the type put safety first, you can choose a more durable bumper absorber.

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