Car Bumper Absorbers

An ancient castle is not complete without its protective walls of fortress made of the toughest stones and bricks. The high walls prevent enemies from entering the castle's premises and act as a shield against the initial impact of explosions or attacks. Your vehicle also has a mini fortress which absorbs the initial shock from collisions or minor bumps. Called a bumper absorber, it may not be as gigantic as the high walls of an ancient castle, but it is incredibly effective in shielding the parts of your car from being crushed during collisions.

The front bumper absorber usually protects you from major head-on collisions. Just like how a car seat belt protects your body from being thrown forward and sustaining major injury, the bumper sacrifices itself instead to shield your vehicle from getting crushed. The absorber is not actually the metal thing you see in front of cars. In fact, it's not a visible component because it's hidden under the bumper cover. These absorbers are usually manufactured using Styrofoam or plastic so it can cushion the impact, and they're normally sandwiched between the cover and the reinforcement bar. The car bumper absorber is the horizontal strip of plastic or Styrofoam that fills in the hollow gap underneath the bumper panel.

If your car doesn't have a front or rear bumper absorber yet, it's time for you to get one before for safety purposes. Prevention is better than cure, as they always say. Some people might think that the car will get crushed anyway, bumper or no bumper. But the vehicle's body is not the only thing a bumper protects. It guards even the internal front and rear components of your car, and it's basically the engine's armor against accidents. Without the absorber, you'll end up badly injured and your car will be a hopeless piece of crushed metal.

Maintaining the good condition of the bumper assembly is also necessary, and not just for cosmetic purposes. Since the bumper covers are susceptible to scratches, dents, and scrapes, the absorber and the reinforcement bar inside will be affected as well. Avoid pulling into narrow parking spaces because the concrete walls and the car parked beside yours might deal some bumper damage to your vehicle. Do not hesitate to repair or replace the cover so you can preserve the condition of the absorber and bar underneath. If the reinforcement bar gets damaged or bent, replace it immediately as well to provide stronger assistance to the absorber during accidents.

Don't panic when the bumper absorber of your vehicle needs a replacement. Usually, this part is inexpensive, more or less around $50. But you can get it at a much cheaper price if you shop here at Parts Train. Try searching for a replacement in our online catalog today.