Auto manufacturers want to provide their patrons the best vehicle they can produce. They continue building cars that has improved structural rigidity while having the ability to protect the passengers as well as the vehicle against harm when a collision occurs. The bumper is among these parts that offers such function.

For years, the bumpers also became stylish but some are not strong enough to survive during a minor collision. But since bumper should function as a protective device, the government has recommended a regulation that requires the bumper design to withstand low-speed collision with lesser damage. This is the reason why there are some bumper designs today which has the ability to withstand a 4kph or 8kph collision with no damage. The bumper eliminates the possibility of damaging the car's body by absorbing and delivering the impact to another colliding object. It is molded using heavy steel material.

But note that some modern design of bumpers has considered using rubber, plastic, or any other painted light material that makes them susceptible to damage. For this reason, vehicles that uses these materials should not push or be pushed into another vehicle since they are more frail and sensitive compared to the steel bumper. But you can always install a bumper guard. Installing a bumper guard can make these frail and sensitive bumpers to be more efficient. The crumple zones which it is made of also enables the bumper to flex during collisions.

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