Off-road travels in remote places could usually create a risk for your driving security; far-flung villages as well as country fields often have bumpy ground lanes which can bring damage to your car, particularly the bumper part. One danger of constantly driving past rural areas is you'll possibly collide with stray cows; big animals such as those can seriously devastate the Mitsubishi Raider once you don't have a functional bullbar attached along the front to reduce the shock.

Bullbars are typically metal tubes which could be fitted at the front of the car; this is the simplest type of defense you can offer to the grille system as well as the different front equipment if you accidentally crash against a wandering, oblivious cattle when crossing a wide remote place. Considering the cattle's solid frame, perhaps even the sturdiest 4x4 SUV wouldn't stand a shot next to it; your Mitsubishi Raider bumper and the grille unit would end up having dings while your lights could get destroyed, only a bullbar will protect you from such catastrophe.

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