Car Bull Bars

Whether you're trying to weave your way through the city streets or barrel across Death Valley, you need all the protection a bull bar offers. Also known as roo bars, these are metal accessory is designed to protect your car from damage caused by minor collisions. Yes, we just can't stay away from too many hazards out there so it is important that you outfit our ride with the kind of defense it needs. This is especially true if you drive off-road where rocks, loose stones, bushes, and other natural offenders abound.

Because of the task they have to perform in your ride, bull bars are usually made from durable materials such as welded steel or aluminum. In some instances, materials such as polycarbonate and polyethylene are also used. No matter what type of material is used in the construction of this component, you have to make sure that it is durable enough so it can effectively protect the front end of your vehicle. You see, it is your ride's first line of protection against low-speed collisions and road mishaps. This is the reason why this add-on is also considered as a safety addition to any vehicle.

Another plus is, a car bull bar is also very easy to install so it will not take most of your time. In many cases, these bars are custom-made so they can be bolted directly to your ride's frame with no drilling or modifications required. Because of this, even a neophyte DIYer can get the task done correctly in less the time and effort. It's good thing that most aftermarket units now come with installation instructions. With this, you no longer need to pay for the services of a pro just to get your ride outfitted with such add-on.

But because metal bull bars have been known to cause deaths and injuries to animals and pedestrians, their basic construction has been changed. Nowadays, the commonly used bar, is made in such a way that it can be utilized as a platform for mounting various accessories like light bars, winches, and even radio antennas. Yes this addition is now made from energy-absorbent polymer. It also comes in a smaller version called the nudge bar. This is specifically made for light trucks and SUVs.

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