Cars are built to drive faster and have been kept much safer over the years due to advances in automotive brakes technologies. Most automobiles have a pair of different automotive brakes positiioned in their vehicle's wheels, one for your wheels at the front and the other kit for the rear ones. Wheels at the front generally make use of brake discs that grabs on to a specialized disk to stop you from moving. Automotive drum brakes are fitted in your wheels at the rear where they work with a brake shoe set that produces friction within your car's wheels in order to slow you down. If your vehicle's brakes aren't in working order, then you could be moving yourself into an early car accident.

Your braking system will probably be among the items in your Pontiac which will break-down the soonest because of frequent use. A sure sign of worn-out brake shoes is a jarring sound when you stomp on your car's brakes. Do not travel with thinned out Pontiac brakes on your tires as they possibly can grind out and destroy both your vehicle's tires and also the braking system itself. If you have the basic vehicular know how, replace your Pontiac brake shoe set on your own and save money on a mechanic's fees.

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