Vehicles are driving faster but have remained safer through the years thanks to advancements in braking systems technology. Almost all cars come with 2 different brakes set up in their wheels, one on your wheels at the front and the other pair for the rear ones. Front wheels usually utilize brake discs that grabs on to a special disc to stop you from moving around. Your car's wheels at the back are usually installed with automotive drum brakes that shove a brake pad set towards your wheel to slow your vehicle down. When your vehicle's brakes aren't operating properly, then you are steering yourself directly into an early accident.

Because of the intense levels of pressure produced when stepping on your brakes, your Mercury Mariner's brakes will eventually break-down. When you hear unpleasant noises once you hit your car's brakes, it's a warning that the braking systems are beginning to wear out. Continuing use of used up Mercury Marinerbrake shoes can harm your car's tires and your braking systems. Changing these components could be easy however, if you aren't confident of what to do, have an auto mechanic to help you out.

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