Automobiles have gone a lot quicker and have remained safer over the years due to developments in brakes technology. Your Ford Pinto could have unique automotive braking systems for front wheels, as well as some other one for the rear wheels. Brake discs are usually found in the wheels at the front in which they clutch a special disk to slow your car down. Your wheels at the back could be equipped with drum brakes that shove a brake pad against your wheel to slow your car down. If your vehicle's brakes aren't operating properly, then you could be steering your ride into an early accident.

Due to the extreme quantity of force produced while braking, your Ford Pinto's brakes will slowly break-down. An important indicator of used up brake pads is usually a screeching noise when you step on your vehicle's brakes. Never travel with thinned out Ford Pinto brakes as they can grind and destroy both your car's wheels along with the braking system themselves. If you have the basic mechanical know-how, replace your Ford Pinto brake shoes on your own to save money on a car repair shop's fees.

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