Cars have gone faster but have remained much safer year after year thanks to advancements in car brakes technologies. Your Ford Falcon could have particular braking systems for the wheels at the front, plus some other one for their rear wheels. Disc brakes are commonly installed in the front tires in which they grasp a special disk to decelerate your car. Your vehicle's rear wheels could be provided with brake drums which push a brake pad set towards your car's wheel to slow your vehicle down. In the event that your braking mechanisms aren't in working order, you are moving yourself directly into an early accident.

Braking components would be one of several items in your Ford Falcon that would wear out the quickest because of constant use. A sure indicator of worn out brake pads is a screeching racket once you use your vehicle's brakes. Do not use worn out Ford Falcon brakes as they can grind out as well as destroy both your tires and the braking system as well. Upgrading these items can be easy however, if you are not sure on how to perform it, get a mechanic to assist you.

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