Cars are running much faster yet have remained safer over the years due to developments in braking technology. Most cars come with two different automotive brakes installed in their wheels, one for the front tires and the other set for the wheels at the back. Front tires usually utilize disc brakes that holds on to a special disk to stop your Ford Fairlane from moving around. Automotive drum brakes are fitted inside your wheels at the back where they work with a brake shoe that creates friction between your vehicle's wheels to slow you down. Do not ever take a chance on your own and other motorist's health and safety by going about in a car / truck with worn out or busted brakes.

As a result of the extreme quantity of pressure generated while braking, your Ford Fairlane's brakes will gradually break-down. An important sign of worn out braking shoes is a screeching noise whenever you step on your brakes. Constant operation of worn down Ford Fairlanebrake pads can ruin your car's tire and your braking mechanism. If you possess the basic automotive know-how, upgrade your Ford Fairlane brake shoe set yourself so you may save cash on a car repair shop's costs.

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