Automobiles are built to move faster yet have stayed much safer over the years due to advancements in braking technologies. Your Ford Escort could have specific automotive braking systems for your front tires, plus some other type for its rear tires. Disc brakes are commonly found in the front wheels where they clutch a special disk to decelerate your vehicle. Your wheels at the back are usually provided with drum brakes that shove a brake pad towards your wheel to slow your vehicle down. In the event that your braking systems are not in working order, you're driving yourself directly into an early vehicular accident.

Your braking system will probably be one of the devices in your Ford Escort that would break-down the soonest because of continuous use. One particular sign of worn out brake pads is usually a screeching racket once you stomp on your car's brakes. Don't drive with worn-out Ford Escort brakes as they possibly can grind and also damage both your wheels along with the brakes themselves. Upgrading these components could be simple but if you're not sure on how to perform it, get an auto mechanic to help you out.

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