Vehicles are moving a lot faster but have been kept safer through the years thanks to advances in braking engineering. Your Dodge Daytona might have specific automotive braking systems for your front wheels, and some other kit for their wheels at the back. Brake discs are usually located in the wheels at the front in which they grasp a special disc to reduce the speed of your car. Drum brakes are placed with your rear wheels and they use a brake shoe system that creates friction in between your wheels to to decelerate your speed. If your brakes aren't working properly, you're moving your car straight into an early vehicular accident.

Because of the severe levels of force generated when braking, your Dodge Daytona's brakes will gradually break-down. When you experience bad sounds whenever you step on your brakes, it's a warning that the brakes are worn out. operation of worn down Dodge Daytonabrake pads can harm your tires and your braking components. If you possess the appropriate automotive know-how, upgrade your Dodge Daytona brake shoe set yourself and save much on a mechanic's fees.

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