Cars are driving faster but have remained much safer through the years due to advances in braking technology. Most cars have two different automotive braking systems positiioned in their wheels, one on your front tires and another pair for the wheels at the back. The wheels at the front typically use disc brakes that grips a unique disk to prevent you from moving. Your car's rear tires are commonly provided with brake drums which press a brake pad towards your car's wheel to decelerate your vehicle. Do not ever risk your personal and other people's wellbeing by using a car using worn out or busted brakes.

Due to the severe amount of energy produced when braking, your Chevrolet Aveo's brakes will gradually wear out. One particular sign of used up braking shoes is often a grinding noise once you step on your car's brakes. Never use worn out Chevrolet Aveo brakes as they can grind and destroy both your wheels along with the braking mechanism itself. Replacing these components can be easy however, if you are not confident of exactly what to do, employ a mechanic to assist you.

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