Car Brake Shoe Sets

Modern automobiles have become more efficient and safer machines on the road. They are now equipped with, mostly, electronic devices that claim very little power but effective performance. Still, there are a few components that remain useful to these new breed of transport services. Among these is the drum brake system. Today, this braking system is mainly used as parking or secondary braking system of the vehicle. This is so as its brake shoe set can effectively hold the vehicle still, although it can overheat very quickly compared to a brake pad of the newer disc brake system.

It is safe to say then that every automobile navigating the road nowadays employs two systems for its stopping power. It is equipped with a disc brake system at the front wheels and a drum brake at its rear. This way, if the disc or front braking system fails, the driver is still left with another system. The drum brake, like the disc brake, is connected to the brake pedal. Once pressure is applied, hydraulic fluid is delivered to the wheel cylinder. This cylinder pushes the rear brake shoe set and thus makes contact with the drum. The friction generated in this motion is then converted to heat energy, which is actually what stops the wheels from moving and thus the vehicle.

The many slips on the brakes cause each of its part wear but most to its friction material. A car brake shoe set is made up of heat-treated metal materials that all the more make it a reliable component. This set has a friction lining, which generates heat energy when it is pushed against the drum. This same lining is the critical part of the shoe. It has a recommended thinness of 1/32 inch or 0.8 millimeter if it is riveted to the metal shoe. If it's bonded to the back of the shoe, a 1/16 inch or 1.6 millimeter thinness will require replacement. This can be checked thru an inspection hole at the back area of the drum brake system.

At the first sign of damage, or when the rear brake shoe set starts to thin to the critical point, a replacement should be acquired. Enduring this almost damaged state of the shoe or friction material is going to be too risky. Besides, the task will not take too much time and effort if DIY application is opted. This will reduce waiting time, in case the problem is noticed after the service centers' working hours. More importantly, this will save big service fees.

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