When Lexus burst onto the automotive scene in the late 1980s, they cornered the market by offering fantastic style, great drivetrains, and stellar Lexus brakes. Lexus brakes work their magic in part by using the latest ABS technology and servo mechanisms. But for all their complexity, the basic components of your Lexus brakes are fairly straightforward. When you step on the pedal, your Lexus brake pads squeeze your Lexus brake rotors, and the car comes to a stop. But as those parts wear, your Lexus brakes become less and less efficient. Technology hasn't advanced to the point where your Lexus brakes don't wear out. But when you need Lexus brakes, you do have a choice about where you buy your Lexus brakes. We offer Lexus brakes for less, and feature the same premium-quality parts as the more expensive Lexus brake suppliers. It's as simple as that. So you can do a top-notch job on your Lexus brakes and spend less doing it when you purchase Lexus brakes from us. If you use your Lexus harder than most, you can even buy high-performance Lexus brakes through our site. Racing Lexus brakes give more bite and have less fade than stock Lexus brakes. And like our standard replacement Lexus brakes, high-performance Lexus brakes are always on sale when you shop here.