Inspecting your Chrysler brake system is an essential maintenance task that must be done regularly for your safety. Brakes, fortunately, will give you plenty of indications that they need a little tending. Brakes may indicate a 'hard brake pedal' that resists pressure, which is caused by a bad power booster, seized caliper pistons, seized caliper slides or pinched brake lines. Or, you may hear a high-pitched squealing noise, often heard at slow speeds when you are not even using the Chrysler brakes. If the noise goes away as you apply the brakes, it could be coming from the brake wear sensors. You can check for brake pad wear by viewing the pads from outside the front tire. On most cars, you can look through the openings on the outside of the wheel/rim assembly to see the pads. If the pad depth is less than ? inch, then replace the brake pad soon. If it's less than 1/8 inch, you are risking damage to the rotor and it's necessary to replace those pads with genuine Chrysler pads immediately. Why purchase expensive parts and pay for labor at a dealership, when you can buy Chrysler brake parts here and do the job yourself? Save yourself time, and ensure your safety by diligently inspecting your brakes.