Your well-designed and crafted Buick brakes can save your life - so make sure you replace your brakes at the first signs of wear and tear. A brake failure can result in a catastrophic crash, so diligence with replacing your Buick brakes is extremely important. What are some of the signs of brake wear? A 'hard brake pedal' that resists pressure can be caused by a bad power booster, seized caliper pistons, seized caliper slides or pinched brake lines. Or, you may hear a high-pitched squealing noise, often heard at slow speeds when you are not even using the brakes. If the noise goes away as you apply the brakes, it could be coming from the brake wear sensors. A visual inspection can confirm the diagnosis. If the pad depth is less than ? inch, then replace the brake pad soon. If it's less than 1/8 inch, you are risking damage to the rotor and the replacement must be done immediately. All of these are signs that it is time to inspect and replace worn brake parts. Why purchase expensive parts and pay for labor at a dealership, when you can buy Buick brake parts here and do the job yourself? Save yourself time, and ensure your safety by diligently inspecting your brakes.