If you've coaxed 200+ horsepower out of your Integra, you've done pretty well with your ride. But before you start patting yourself on the back too hard, what have you done to upgrade your Acura brakes? Stock Acura brakes are great--for a stock Acura. But if you've gone the nitrous/turbo/blower route and haven't strengthened your Acura brakes to match, you're asking for trouble. And we can get you out of it with our complete line of Acura brakes and Acura brake upgrades. Of course, even if your daily driver is a bone-stock RSX, you're going to need Acura brakes eventually, especially if stop-and-go driving is part of your routine. We can help you too with an extensive selection of OE-replacement Acura brakes, Acura brake pads, Acura brake rotors, and Acura brake discs. Whether you're upgrading or staying stock, our Acura brakes are designed specifically for each individual application to provide you with great braking power, low noise, and low dust. Best of all, our Acura brakes cost less than the competition, and we can ship your Acura brakes right to your front door. Need some help with your Acura brake job? Pick up an Acura repair manual too. Acura brakes are fully covered, along with tons of other jobs.