Car Brake Pad Sensors

Braking involves a great amount of forces, good thing your car's brake parts are tough and are built to withstand all these forces-except of course, the brake pads. The pads have a friction material that is designed to wear out every time the pads get in contact with the rotors during braking. After a while, that friction material thins out. This is the reason brake pads have to be replaced periodically. Otherwise, the friction material will wear down on the metal that holds it, and that metal will get in contact with the rotor, wearing the rotor down. But, how do you know when it's time to replace the pads? Well, a brake pad sensor will help you.

Brake pad replacement interval should be about every 30,000 miles. However, that still varies according to your activities and braking habit. If you brake harder, the friction material on the pad will wear faster, and a replacement pad will be needed sooner. To eliminate the time-consuming need of having to check the pads once in a while, brake pad sensors have been introduced. These sensors are designed to alert drivers when the pads' friction materials have already gone too thin, telling you that replacement pads are already needed.

These sensors are much like any other sensor in design. The sensors come in the form of a wire that's shaped into the letter U, and they detect the thickness of the pad's friction materials. Whenever they detect that it's already too thin, they will illuminate a light mounted on your dashboard, an indication that it's time for you to get new pads. Other than lighting up the light, brake pad sensors also work to illuminate the light at the correct timing in accordance with the wheels' rotation.

High-quality and properly functioning sensors can give you a lot of benefits. First, they can save a lot of your time and effort because they will eliminate the need to peek on the pads now and then just to check whether they're still in good shape. Second, brake pad sensors can prevent extensive wear on parts like the rotors because they keep the pads from wearing down to the metal. So, in the process, you also save on unnecessary replacement expenses.

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