Your gleaming alloy mags are a huge investment, so protect your money by installing long-lasting Volvo 760 brake dust shields. Brake dust is extremely damaging to the glossy coating of racing rims. Forget about steam-cleansing your Volvo 760 racing mags for the extreme temperatures will almost certainly destroy their shine even the alloy with horrible results. Installing a dust cover is totally the better move to extend the lifespan of racing rims.

You'll surely benefit from driving with your very own Volvo 760 brake dust shield for years since the piece is typically molded from sturdy alloys. Prepare to be shocked with the amount of dust these parts can accumulate over time-dust that would ruin your mags. The dust shield will not affect your braking in any way, thus, there is absolutely no danger in using it. You ought to use these shields if you don't want to purchase all-new and expensive racing alloy rims.

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