Those shiny racing rims are a significant investment, so safeguard your money by setting up durable Volvo 262 brake dust shields. Brake dust is extremely damaging to the glossy finish of mags. Some drivers unwisely spray their Volvo 262 rims with acidic cleaning products that merely ruin the wheels' protective coating as opposed to providing protection. Setting up a shield is by far the better move to extend the life of your wheels.

A home mechanic like you shouldn't encounter any problem mounting a Volvo 262 brake dust shield because it simply clicks in between your wheel and the hub unit. You will be shocked by how much dust the covers can collect over time-dust which could impair your wheels. The dust shield would never affect your Volvo 262 brakes in any degree, so there's just no danger in installing it. It is particularly necessary to mount covers on your front wheels for they generally produce more brake debris.

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