Without any sort of proven protection, for instance, hard-wearing Volvo 244 brake dust shields, your nifty alloy wheels would turn really unattractive real soon. The main enemy of your ride's wheels is the dust flying from your brake pads, which can gradually mess them up. There are motorists unwisely treat their Volvo 244 mags with acidic cleaning products that just destroy the wheels' protective surface rather than providing protection. It's simply better to install a cover and also you can do it without help as long as you've got sufficient DIY knowhow.

A DIYer like yourself wouldn't have any issue putting in a Volvo 244 brake dust shield for it simply clicks in between the wheel and your hub. Prepare to be blown away with the level of dust the shields can accumulate as time passes-dust that would ruin your mags. The dust cover won't negatively impact your Volvo 244's braking in any manner, thus, there is just no danger in installing it. You must add dust shields if you really don't want to spend on all-new and incredibly expensive alloy wheels.

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