Without any type of useful protection such as heavy-duty Porsche brake dust shields, those fantastic alloy wheels will become quite unpleasant soon. The arch rival of your machine's awesome alloy rims is the dust ejected by the brake pads, which could easily compromise them. Just forget about steam-cleansing your Porsche racing wheels since the extreme temperatures would almost surely spoil their sheen and the metal with horrible results. Making use of a dust shield is totally the better move to extend the service life of your rims.

A DIYer like yourself should not have any issue putting in a Porsche brake dust shield for it simply fits between the wheel and the hub unit. You'll be surprised by how much dust the shields could receive over time-dust that would destroy your wheels. The dust shield would never affect your Porsche brakes in any degree, thus, there is just no danger in mounting it. You ought to use these shields if you really don't want to purchase brand-new and incredibly expensive racing alloy rims.

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