Car Brake Dust Shields

Dust produced by your vehicle's brakes won't do your wheels any good. If you are using your ride for racing, this dust is such a big foe for your racing wheels. Why? Because it can cause corrosion and deterioration in the wheel's finish. Cleaning agents aren't a good option in getting rid of this dust because they may contain abrasive chemicals that can strip off the protective coating of the wheels. The best solution instead, is to outfit your ride with brake dust shields. They work like the OEM dust shields, except that these components are installed in front of the rotors and behind the wheels and not at the back of the brake discs.

These shields are positioned in such a way that they effectively prevent brake dust from settling on your wheels. Instead, dust gets blown away by air as your vehicle runs. In fact, the surfaces of dust shields are made in such away that they thwart accumulation of brake dust. Their surfaces come with a paint or finish that makes them resistant to the effects of brake dust. With a brake a brake dust shield, you save time in cleaning your wheels and your chances of getting a replacement tire will surely be lessened.

Once you've installed dust shields to your wheels, it is just right that you provide them with proper care and maintenance to extend their service life. It is advisable to wash your ride all by yourself. You see, car washes may use harsh acid cleaners to remove soils from your wheels. When cleaning the wheels and the disc brake dust shield, never use abrasive cleaners as well as polishing agents, and steel wool pads because these cleaning tools and agents break up the paint or the protective covering and attack the aluminum alloy itself.

Of course, you could opt to use brake pads that do not produce brake dust. But they are far more expensive than just outfitting the wheels with dust shields. Make sure though that the unit you'll get for your ride is made from high strength aluminum alloy. It's also wise to go for a brake dust shield with a feature that enhances cooling of the brakes. To save a lot more, do the installation all by yourself. There are dust shields that come with step-by-step installation instructions to help you get the task done well.

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