All of the drum brake units in your Subaru Impreza might be engineered differently from disc brake assemblies, but the function of their brake drum and shoes makes use of the same brake principles. The Subaru Impreza brake drum and shoes operate harmoniously to move your vehicle to a complete halt; other than this similarity with disk braking systems, these two drum-brake components additionally experience similar problems.

Inefficient halting is a typical issue encountered by the drum type of brake systems, and it could arise due to damage in the brake drum or braking shoes. One of the most common complications that brake drums experience is grooving, one that minimizes the friction produced when halting. The same as the brake disc, your Subaru Impreza brake drum could similarly become thinner after sometime, and this means this component also becomes more sensitive - you should assess its dimensions from time to time in order to see once it has already become slimmer compared to the thinnest measurement, whereby you must replace the mentioned part.

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