You are going to find that the drum braking systems in your Pontiac Sunfire may be engineered distinctly from disk braking systems, but the operation of the brake drum as well as brake-shoes makes use of similar stopping principles. The Pontiac Sunfire brake drum and braking shoes work hand in hand to bring your vehicle to a full stop; besides this likeness with disc brakes, these two drum-brake parts also experience almost identical troubles.

When the brake drum or shoes deteriorate, the vehicle's halting efficiency will be greatly lowered. One of the primary problems that brake drums experience is scoring, one that minimizes the friction generated during braking. Other than the mentioned problem, thinning is equally a problem that your Pontiac Sunfire brake drum may experience; it is so vital that car owners are cautioned to consistently inspect each component to keep an eye on its measurement - a replacement is a must the moment it turns excessively thin.

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