You will find that the drum brake units in your Pontiac Lemans may be engineered differently from disk brake assemblies, but the function of their brake drum plus braking shoes uses similar braking concepts. Every Pontiac Lemans brake drum acts as the surface that accommodates the shoes to be able to produce the heat energy necessary in stopping your vehicle, and such components are plagued by issues that are the same as those which impact the disk braking system.

Inefficient stopping is one common issue which impacts drum brakes, and it may arise because of a damaged brake drum or brake shoes. The development of grooves on the drum's surface is among the common problems that plague brake drums, a condition which results in inadequate production of friction. Like your rotor, your Pontiac Lemans brake drum may likewise become thinner over the years, and this means this component also gets more prone to damage - you need to check its dimensions once in a while in order to know once it has finally turned thinner in comparison with the thinnest requirement, at which point you need to replace the said part.

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