You'll discover that the drum brake assemblies of your Pontiac G5 are engineered distinctly from disc brakes, but the function of their brake drum plus brake-shoes uses the same braking principles. Every Pontiac G5 brake drum acts as the surface area which works with the braking shoes to generate the heat energy required to stop your car, and such components are plagued by problems just like issues which impact disk brake assemblies.

Poor braking is an example of a typical problem experienced by the drum style of braking systems, and it could occur due to extreme wear on the brake drum or braking shoes. One of the most common problems that brake drums go through is grooving, one which reduces the frictional energy released when halting. Besides this, size reduction is also an issue that your Pontiac G5 brake drum might experience; it's so crucial that motorists are urged to regularly check each drum to keep an eye on its measurement - a replacement is of utmost importance when it gets extremely lean.

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