All of the drum brakes in your Plymouth Colt are designed differently from disk brake assemblies, yet the function of the brake drum as well as shoes follows the same braking concepts. The Plymouth Colt brake drum and shoes closely team up to deliver the vehicle to a total halt; besides this equivalence with disk braking systems, these drum brake pieces likewise go through almost identical troubles.

Poor stopping is a typical problem experienced by the drum style of braking systems, and it may occur because of a damaged brake drum or shoes. Amongst the most common troubles that brake drums experience is scoring, which minimizes the friction released when braking. The same as the brake disk, your Plymouth Colt brake drum might similarly get thinner over time, and this means the device also gets more vulnerable to problems - you must inspect its dimensions now and then in order to find out once it's finally turned thinner than the nominal measurement, in which case you should change the said part.

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